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Sulapac Marine Biodegradable Straw Aims to Clean Up Plastic Waste from Ocean

Winner of many awards, Sulapac marine biodegradable straw aims to clean up our ocean from plastic straws. It’s a commonly known that billions of disposable plastic straws are polluting our ocean, if we keep doing what we’re doing, by 2050, there’s a high possibility that there will be more plastic waste than fish.

Sulapac presents you with microplastic-free straw, it is made from sustainable sourced, renewable raw materials: wood and natural binders. It’s a sustainable alternative to our plastic straws because when it ends up in the ocean, it won’t harm the ecosystem, micro-organisms can easily digest and transform it into CO2, H2O, and biomass. It’s safe for the ocean as well as the fish.

Sulapac Marine Biodegradable Straw

Sulapac Marine Biodegradable Straw gives you all benefits of plastic straw yet it biodegrades completely, no microplastics behind. It’s easy to mass produce, manufacturers can still use their existing machinery, no need to build new factories, just replace the materials. It’s not just straw, there are many design possibilities can be done using Sulapac unique material recipe and technology.

Sulapac Marine Biodegradable Straw

From : Sulapac


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