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Soul Ash Solace – Eco Friendly Cremation Coffin and Urn

There’s only one certainty in life: we will all die someday. In our society there’s a trend towards cremation. Cremation however demands for specific solutions. Therefor we’ve created a cremation coffin with integrated urn in order to appeal to the specific functional needs and emotional circumstances of a cremation funeral.

Most coffins on the market are too expensive for cremation and aren’t made for burning. Our cremation coffin however is fully executed in ecological materials (corrugated board, papier-much and wood), is budget-friendly and easy burnable. As a result, the cremation process itself goes faster having both an economical as well as an ecological benefit.

On top of the coffin there’s a memory capsule. The urn is executed in stainless steel and has the shape of a sandglass of Time heals all wounds. The urn withstands the cremation process during which it will be coloured through the heat, to give it a personal patina.

soul ash solace eco design cremation coffin and urn

eco design cremation coffin and urn

From : MaximalDesign


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