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Solar Storage Barn By Gray Organschi Architecture

Raw materials are known to be unpleasant to the eye, and untidy when used in a product. However, Gray Oranschi Architecture proves it wrong as they successfully designed a beautiful solar storage barn made from raw materials. The architects organized the lumber on the exterior part of the building in rectangular cubbyholes that creates an artistic mosaic-like texture. Aside from that the barn is also equipped with solar panels on the roof that powers the barn’s lighting and a ground source pumps heat the building geo-thermally, which made a barn a truly eco-friendly architecture. The solar panels produce more energy than the building needs, thus allows the owner to sell the excess electricity to a local utility company.

Solar Storage Barn

Solar Storage Barn

Solar Storage Barn

Solar Storage Barn

Source: Organschi Architecture via Inhabitat


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  1. Nothing is unpleasant as long as we know how to neatly arrange them. With the proper storage solutions, the idea is most certainly not impossible at all to achieve. Apart from organizing the area, the owner also manages to save on his utilities while making additional income by selling the excess generated electricity. It is definitely a good deal indeed.

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