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Rotation Folding Bike Concept

Biking has becoming a trend in various urban cities nowadays due to the high gas prices. Aside from the gas prices, parking space is also becoming a problem to almost all car owners. Because of that, Yirong Yang has design a bicycle concept that will surely let you save from gas and parking space. The Rotation City Bike is a city folding bike concept that will allow every user fold the bike when not in use and simply carry it with them, which is not available with the traditional bicycles that need to be ridden all the time, which is clearly a hassle to every rider.

rotation city bike

rotation city bike

Whilst it is a challenging unicycle for the adventurers, even the bicycle riders would adore it for its unique design. Taking this out on the city roads probably three decades from now would have people turning around in amazement.

Most of the affixations you see on this city bike cum bicycle cum unicycle are adjustable be it the handlebar, the saddle or even the front wheel. When you are done with your riding routine you can simply fold it and walk away carrying it easily unlike the conventional ones, that have to be ridden at all times whilst you don’t intend to harness it.

rotation city bike

rotation city bike

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