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Futuristic Mazda Kiyora Car Concept with Low CO2 Emissions

Kiyora means clean and pure in Japanese language, and as the name suggests, the new concept car form Mazda called the Mazda Kiyora is a fuel-efficient and has low CO2 emissions. Aside from that, the Kiyora’s water inspired design, made the car looks sleeker and elegant. Its clear roofing and sidings made it easy for the driver to view and know the current happenings around him or her.

The Mazda Kiyora will soon be introduced in October 2008 at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. Apart from having a futuristic design, the Mazda Kiyora is also a lightweight car, which is a big advantage in a car.

mazda kiyora

mazda kiyora

mazda kiyora


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2 thoughts on “Futuristic Mazda Kiyora Car Concept with Low CO2 Emissions”

  1. For publicity reasons…If you give me this car…I will tour all of Ontario and Quebec City / Montreal and answer every question. So for publicity can I have one?

    Thank you Tammy

    [email protected]

  2. Hey who ever you are that is a very good idea … the company should jump at this offer, someone who is willing to be seen driving this car and to talk about how good it is.

    Well I wish you the best of luck! and if this company gives you a car for publicity purpose only I will buy one myself.

    Good Luck Tammy

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