Reusable Sticky Notes From Sprout Builder

Sticky Notes has been widely used many of us today. We have it either in our office or at home. After our notes have been read, the sticky notes are already destined to our trashes, which is obviously harmful to the environment. A great submission to Igreenspot called the Re-usable sticky notes has been made and Igreen on the other hand is happy to share it with its avid readers.

We waste resources when we use post-its and scratch papers to scribble temporary or ever changing information and then just throw them away afterwards.

So why not make a re-usable post-it and scratch papers? Scribble and stick them to any surface you like (i.e. fringe, monitor, wall, book etc.) When done, just simply flip up the transparent sheet to erase; similar to our childhood toy – the magic slate.

The base of the magic slate will be made from cling vinyl that sticks or clings to smooth gloss surfaces such as glass, smooth plastic and shiny metal surfaces. Also has a strip of reapply-able removable adhesive for clinging to rougher surfaces such as books.

This portable product can also be puzzled (or stick) together to form bigger writing pad. Great for fridge reminders and expiration info, bookmarks, brain storming sessions, shopping list and daily task reminders. Comes in different colors (size and shapes if you like).

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Reusable Sticky Notes

Source: Sprout Builder


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3 thoughts on “Reusable Sticky Notes From Sprout Builder”

  1. Thanks for sharing this to the world. The internet has surely made it possible for ordinary people to contribute and make our world a better place to live for generations to come.

    If anyone wants to make this idea a reality, please let your voice be heard and go to bit.ly/quirkyinc to vote. Thanks and advance happy holidays.

  2. While your at Quirky check out the Builder Bots a really cool construction kit. Builder Bots is unique both for is its small size and for the fact that it’s comprised only of connectors, no beams come with the kit.

    The complete Builder Bots kit fits in your pocket, meaning you can take them anywhere. Also, they are designed to work with readily available everyday materials, like sugar packets, magazine inserts or toothpicks.

    Another educational and environmentally friendly product under review by the quirky community.

  3. This product doesn’t really seem any more “green” than quirky’s most recent “green” product – PetalDrops.

    How much paper is really used on Sticky notes? Sticky note paper/sales surely represent only a minute fraction of the complete paper industry. So, while devising these sticky note alternatives may reduce paper use – it requires power to manufacture, and then we are talking about using materials that will not degrade or be reusable after they are no longer wanted (vynil/plastic)…

    Like the sales of post it notes is negligible when compared to the whole paper industry, so these reusable sticky notes will be to effecting any sort of “green” benefits to the global ecology.

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