Recycling Plus Artistic Talent Equals Quality Green Product

Recycling is a fun activity to do especially if you want to help save the environment. Joining with you in your aim or recycling is the people from Studio Jo Meesters who have created the TESTLAB, an ongoing experimental project about recycling discarded item and used it to create a brand new useful item. As a result, TESTLAB was able to produce a collection of furniture called the “Odds & Ends, Bits & Pieces”. The collection composed of four pieces furniture and all are made from 34 discarded wooden beams and 16 leftover blankets. The blankets are weaved with art and resulted into nice and wonderful upholstery that brightens up each of the furniture from the collection.

TESTLAB Furniture Collection

TESTLAB Furniture Collection

TESTLAB Furniture Collection

TESTLAB Furniture Collection

TESTLAB Furniture Collection

Source: Studio Jo Meesters via Design Year Book


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  • It was really very beautiful creation.
    colors used are very attractive and also mild.
    Go Studio Jo Meesters , you are doing well, to save our planet.
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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