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Optiwind Accelerating Wind Turbine

Wind turbines are of big help in generating electricity especially to those places with large areas of land space. However, this time around, a compact wind turbine that will only require 3.5 acres of open land. This compact turbine is perfect for use to schools, hospitals, and hotels. With the Optiwind’s 150-kilowatt model, buildings with $35,000 amount of energy annual requirement, while for the 300 kilowatt model can serve buildings with $75,000 of annual energy requirement. With this wonderful product, smaller communities can now afford to have a wind turbine of their own and save large amount of money for their electricity use.

Optiwind Compact Wind Turbine

Optiwind Compact Wind Turbine

Optiwind Compact Wind Turbine

Ssource: Inhabitat


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3 thoughts on “Optiwind Accelerating Wind Turbine”

  1. I think you may want to know that Optiwind recently tried to get one of these windmills (Its first one) built in Goshen, CT.

    They put the residents through six months of agony before the Planning and Zoning Board declined to give them a construction permit. Voting 5 to 0 to deny their application.

    The reason given for the denial was that the design was judged to adversly impact property values and, because none of these has ever been built, it was felt there was no way to assess its impact on the environment.

    Overall the residents thought that this design was inappropriate to their neighborhood, was extremely ugly, and would spoil the viewscape.

    You should be aware of this before you get involved with these guys.

    Beware of Optiwind.

  2. Beware of “John Davidson”. He is a classic NIMBY. I live in the town where Optiwind applied for their first permit and “John” and a small minority of is NIMBY friends spent roughly $50,000 to prevent this wind turbine from being erected on a 125 acre sewage treatment plant where the closest neighbor was almost 2,000ft away and the next over a half a mile away — and nobody had an unobstructed view of the turbine. This was pure NIMBYism shrouded in lies and deceit by this band of anti-environment regressives.

    Thankfully, Optiwind appears to be thriving with approvals in other, less fearful towns.

  3. Fred – get your facts straight. I’m one of those neighbors @ 1400 feet away and I would be able to see this ugly thing no matter where I stood on my land – no to mention it is on a dead end road and the tourist trap would be huge!

    I was one of those NIMBY people….

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