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Recycle Your Old Skate To Create The Eco-friendly Skateboard Bench

Skateboarding is a fund outdoor sports to do and old skate decks can do more that giving extreme adventure, as deckstool uses old skateboards to make a stylish and eco-friendly skateboard bench.

Skateboard Bench
Skateboard Bench

The bench is a 48” two seater made with quality and surely will meet the user’s satisfaction need. What made the skateboard bench a desirable piece of furniture to own is the uniqueness of each piece, since every broken skateboard appears different from each other. If you are into the challenge of living the eco-friendly life and willing to reduce carbon emission and landfill, owning even a single piece of skateboard bench will be very beneficial for the environment.

Skateboard Bench
Skateboard Bench

Source: Deckstool


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2 thoughts on “Recycle Your Old Skate To Create The Eco-friendly Skateboard Bench”

  1. Wow! this is nice. It is environment friendly. I can use my old and damage skateboard decks. I will recycle it.

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