Recycl’Art opening at Brauer Gallery (Paris)

If you happen in Paris, you should check out Recycl’Art that just opened in Marais, on 48 Montmorency Street. Specialized in Recycl’Art and Upcycling, this gallery is located in front of the oldest house of the capital. You’ll find cool and artistic form as the result of creative works combining new objects with old ones. Each artist that participated in this movement has a strong ecological conscience where each of their ideas has given the object a new meaning, a new function, a new use. Upcycling sublimates these creations by bringing an aestheticism that doesn’t exist in simple recycling.

Recycl'art Brauer Gallery Paris

Recycl'art Brauer Gallery Paris

The gallery owner is Bruno Lefèvre-Brauer, a painter, photographer as well as plastic artist. He decided to open his new place since Recycl’art is not suitable to be presented at galleries and French shows.

Inside this gallery, you’ll be able to find unique and impressive objects such as a robot created from toasters or an old tennis racket transformed into an office bulb by Sébastien Maquin. The artists can combine different objects to create a new one or only from a single type of objects to create new pieces such as Davade who utilizes only televisions to create new art works. These unique pieces are available from €200 to €6,000.

Recycl'art Brauer Gallery Paris

Recycl'art Brauer Gallery Paris

From : Brauer Galerie

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