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Recyclable Packaging By Brett Allcorn

When we say recycle, we can immediately think of reusing a certain item. However, with the vast dissemination of information about the benefits of recycling, there are still a lot of people who are not willing to recycle things especially when it comes to the packaging of the products we bought. Designer Brett Allcorn has come up with a green packaging design that will encourage users to recycle. The packaging has a back label that can be easily peeled off to reveal the prepaid return postage in order for the users to send the product back easily for recycling when the life of the product has come to its end.

Recyclable Packaging

Source: Brett Allcorn via Coroflot


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1 thought on “Recyclable Packaging By Brett Allcorn”

  1. Brilliant idea! I guess people often hesitate to get rid of packaging for certain expensive items (like the iphone pictured) due to the belief that things are sold more successfully with ‘original packaging’. I’d say if forward-thinking manufacturers like Apple were to offer a tick-box at time of online purchase to select basic, unprinted, recyclable packaging, many would choose it. If the big manufacturers led the way with this, it would start to change the value people attach to ‘original packaging’. With products like iphones, PCs etc, most of the stuff normally present in the box is information available online anyway… Easy! A product could still be sold with original recyclable packaging – it just means at some stage the box takes a lot less processing.

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