Pumgo: The First Pedal Powered Scooter

Since child hood, riding in a scooter was never my sports action, but I do biking most of the time. However, most of my playmates are riding on their scooters and generally they are all battery operated. That is why; manufacturer Pumgo had created the first pedal powered scooter. Works better and safer than a scooter and runs as fast as a bicycle, the pedal powered scooter keeps the rider in shape, while helping the community in sustaining the environment zero carbon emissions. This hybrid vehicle can be useless to super highways and high-traffic roads; this is perfect and suitable in urban roads.

Pedal Powered Scooter

Source: The Design Blog


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4 thoughts on “Pumgo: The First Pedal Powered Scooter”

  1. people ride scooters because there to lazy to ride a bike…so why would people want a peddle powered scooter? and if people want to keep in shape then they can just ride a bike…because technically…this scooter is a just looks different

  2. I am a scooter, bike, trike rider. I have a lot of toys with two and three wheels. I even have a kick bike. The scooter with pedals sounds fantastic to me. It folds. I don't have to worry about gas or electric availability. It will pack in my small car. I enjoy keeping in shape but I get bored using the same vehicle all the time. This would give me another fun option.

  3. Nice scooter. I think not the “first” peddal powered scooter, My friend has a pedal powered scooter in his collectiables shop in South Carolina. It’s very old and much bulkier with inlaid “red” rubber around the metal wheels and has only “two” wheels like a regular scooter. It’s a weird scooter.:)

  4. Pretty bike….Pedal scooter perfect for kids and adults. The three wheel design is safe and stable with a low center of gravity. It probably makes it a pedal electric scooter, which has its own set of classifications and regulations.

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