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Powerwise Table : A Charging Station for Your Gadgets

Electronic gadgets like mp3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras, and more other hand held gadgets that are then luxurious items are now becoming one of the most essential items an active person must have. In order to continuously enjoy all of the gadgets that we have, all of them must be fully charged all the time that lead to a tendency of letting those chatgers to be constantly plugged in and are hanging to the walls, which are obviously consumes more electricity and causes fire hazard as well. Inspired by this problem, Johanna Strand and Asa Elmstam have designed a table that at the same time is also a charging station. Eight plugs are inside the box-like table and each has their own switch. The table has a green chord that indicates reduced energy consumption.

power wise

power wise

power wise

power wise

Source : Johanna Strand and Asa Elmstam via DesignBoom

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