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Philips Light Blossom Concept, Gradually and Continuously Re-Orient Themselves in The Direction of The Sun

Economical and Fashionable Street light is what the lighting company Philips want to provide with their new Light Blossom. This light will replace our traditional yellow street lights. The Light Blossom has wonderful and attractive design that adds up the beauty of our busy streets. In addition, the Light Blossom is a solar and wind powered lamppost that moves to get enough power as the day goes by. During the night, the Light Blossom’s LEDs beam will only turn lights on when and where needed through proximity sensing, and will glow at its minimum level when no one is around. However, when somebody passes by, the Light Blossom will glow to give the passers-by a comforting light.

light blossom

light blossom

According to the company, the Light Blossom collects its own energy from the sun and wind by transforming its appearance throughout the day. At night, its LEDs beam light only where needed – and only when needed – through proximity sensing.

Just like a real flower, the Light Blossom’s petals “gradually and continuously re-orient themselves in the direction of the sun”, to face it with the maximum efficiency at each moment.

Industry experts we spoke to at the Simplicity event in Russia where the product has been unveiled suggested that this is one concept that might just work.

light blossom

light blossom

light blossom

Source : Philips via Pocket-Lint


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