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OXO Car Concept : Drive A Car Without Learning How to Drive It

When you want to drive but don’t know how to, the Peugeot OXO car is perfect for you. It is the type of car that you can drive without the need of learning how to drive it. This is such an amazing idea, right? I, myself do not know how to drive a car, however reading the information about the Peugeot OXO car, I feel happy that there are some cars intended for people like me that does not know how to drive. Aside from this feature, the OXO car is also an electric powered car meaning its an eco friendly type of car. In addition, it is also a space saver because of its “X” system inside.

oxo car concept

oxo car concept

Text from designer :

I don’t think this type belonged “20?” “30?” or “90?”,so i give the name “x0x”,but the car shape is more like “oxo”, so it is. A electric power car. The car looks like a toy, because the color is no stress just like tomorrow life, naive and freedom. Then you must drive a car without learning how to drive it. The “oxo” is one of this type.

Drive the car is easy than in games,with the “PEUGEOT Phone” help, the car can be controlled or auto-run. The “X” system inside is save the space when the car parking, and through narrow or crowded street. The car wheel allowed the car lateral movement, rotate in-situ, and so on..With the nimble and smart friend help, you must have a perfect tomorrow.

oxo car concept

oxo car concept

oxo car concept


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1 thought on “OXO Car Concept : Drive A Car Without Learning How to Drive It”

  1. Good idea, but I think it is a long time away before such a car will be approved for use on public roads. In the meantime you will still need to learn how to drive if you want the freedom of being able to use a car.

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