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Recover Shelter, Designed for Disaster Relief

This recyclable shelter is called the Recover Shelter, designed by Matthew Malone, Amanda Goldberg, Jennifer Metcalf and Grant Meacham. Everybody can benefits its 100 percent recyclable feature. Another feature the recover has is that its structureʼs ridges can be used to collect some drinking water when the rain pours because it is made of a non-toxic polypropylene. The recover also has no harmful leaching or out gassing to contaminate the users or the environment. One more feature of the recover is that, it can be covered in local materials for insulation, and can be transported at the same time on the same trailer, and the most interesting of all is that, it can easily set up in minutes.

urban recover shelter

urban recover shelter

urban recover shelter

urban recover shelter

via YankoDesign


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  1. This looks identical to some of Bucky Fullers temporary tank repair sheds. I believe he had patents on the products. Some of his designs had five sides instead of the three shown here, but with the identical folding technique. This resulted in a more compact collapsed object and more stability.

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