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Oscal L’Hermitte : Pedal-Powered Cell Phone Charger

Charging our cellular phones don’t need to look for an electric outlet anymore because the pedal-powered cell phone charger is now here to serve us. The product is called the Oscar L’Hermitte’s cell phone charger. The charge up your phone, all you have to do is to plug your phone into your bike with the Oscar L’Hermitte’s cell phone charger and start pedaling to charge it up. You only not charge your phone without using the electricity, which is a total saving, but also you have done a very good exercise for your body. Ninety minutes of pedaling will turn your dead cell phones into a fully charged one.

Pedal Powered Cell Phone Charger

Pedal Powered Cell Phone Charger

Pedal Powered Cell Phone Charger

Source: Oscar Lhermitte via Inhabitat


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2 thoughts on “Oscal L’Hermitte : Pedal-Powered Cell Phone Charger”

  1. Hi,
    Please what is the cost of the pedal charger for someone buying a large quantity say 150pcs.
    Also how can we get a sample of it. We would be willing to pay for the sample and the shipping costs.
    If the sample fits our fancy, we would be purchasing more

    A.O Paul
    MD/CEO RinzySoft Corporation.

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