Orchid-Vase Included By Packlab Partners

When buying flowers particularly and orchid, they are packed with a paper or plastic that is destined to be thrown away right after. Members of the Packlab Partners came up with an eco-friendly orchid packaging design that will allow the buyers to recycle the flower packaging by simply using it as the flower’s vase. Hailed, Orchid-Vase Included, this wonderful packaging material has a material like the plastic coated aluminum foil that allows the packaging to become flexible and made it possible to transform into a vase. It has heat-sealed edges that allow the vase to hold water, and its opening and closing system is a choice of re-sealable tape, semi-adhesive latex, or labeled stickers. With its recycling ability, it will definitely result into less waste and easy disposal.

Orchid-Vase Included

Orchid-Vase Included

Source: Packlab Partners


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  1. Orchids are beautiful flowers and used for decoration in house. A beautiful vase can increase their value and make them more attractive. A wonderful packaging material has been designed by Packlab Partners that uses eco friendly material. So there is no need to throw away the packaging material and it can be decorated for so many days.

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