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NMG (No More Gas) Little Personal Electric Vehicle

Are you feeling the heat? These days it has become hard to survive on this planet. Its all because of big cars and trucks that damage the ozone layer. Here is the new NMG (No More Gas) to save you. Small, stylish and eco friendly. It runs on electricity and saves fuel for the future generations. The size has its other advantages too; it doesn’t require a lot of space to fit in. Believe me, 2 NMG can fit in one single garage! This car is not going to affect your pocket, it just costs 0.02 $/mile and can drive you at the speed of 75 mph.

no more gas personal vehicle

personal electric vehicle

Looking the other way, it is not suitable for a big family as it can carry only one person at a time. You can call it you personal electrical vehicle (PEV) and drive your way to the office daily. To get started all you need to do is recharge the battery for 3 hrs on 220 volts and you are done! It also takes care of your entertainment on the way as it has a cd player. 2 ports for a laptop and cell phones. It also has a heater to make you feel cozy on a cold morning, a perfect car one will look for!

no more gas vehicle

no more gas personal vehicle

From : Myers Motors via Inhabitat


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