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Hybrid-Electric Tilt-Rotor Aircraft with Inbuilt Solar Charging from Falx

Falx Air Vehicles are making a breakthrough in aircraft innovation, they are planning to use hybrid-electric motor and inbuilt solar arrays rather than fuel. Falx has showed the full-size prototype as early as the Farnsworth air show this year, a compact single and double-seater tilt-rotor aircraft which targeted only use 10 liters of fuel per hour airborne. Using aerospace-certified composite materials, the single seater weighs in at only 350kg, with the twin-seat version weighing 405kg.

Falx claims the battery packs powering the Falx will be the latest fast-charge battery systems the USA has to offer, but no further details are available. The batteries will be charged both by inbuilt solar relays and through the use of a small 100hp combustion engine that drives a lightweight, brush-less generator. Noise and thermal image will thus be kept to a minimum, enhancing the craft’s stealth abilities. The twin electric engines eliminate a lot of complex machinery in traditional tilt-wing craft, such as drive-shafts, hydraulics and gearboxes.

falx hybrid electric tilt rotor concept

falx hybrid electric tilt rotor concept

falx hybrid electric tilt rotor concept

Source : Falx via Gizmag


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4 thoughts on “Hybrid-Electric Tilt-Rotor Aircraft with Inbuilt Solar Charging from Falx”

  1. I want at least one of these! Would sure out help emergency S&R crews a ton, as well as the cost savings in Fuel and maintenance to the Sheriff’s departments and other LEA/EMT organizations

  2. I have worked on Tilt-rotors for over 40 yrs. (Bell, Hughes)

    The tilt-wing proposed by Falx has severe pitching moments as it stalls on the landing approach. Suggest you look at a Tilt-rotor design.

    Also,the main electric motors need to double as generators.

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