Nice Objects From Waste Materials

Creating items from waste materials can be hard, but these Italian designers called Transalpino seemed like super talented enough that they have created wonderful products using waste materials from a veneer factory. Created for DMY Festival in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg borough, Transalpino came up with products like a wall lamp and a transformable fruit box. Even though the materials used are waste, the product is super nice that one can definitely use it as one of their décors or home furniture. Projects like these must be patronized to limit waste that are destined to our landfills and therefore will create less harm to the environment.

Transalpino Eco-products

Transalpino Eco-products

Transalpino Eco-products

Source: Transalpino via Daily Tonic


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6 thoughts on “Nice Objects From Waste Materials”

  1. My knotty alder cabinet was all made out of recycled wood materials. The design of it was the way I wanted it to be.

  2. These are great! Just great! I hope soon our group at wood recycling perth can gain access to such type of waste materials.

  3. Good work with the makeshift lamp. Add a stand and it would be a nice little addition to any home.

  4. Not bad at all for items made out of scrap. In fact, throw on a nice coat of paint, and I’d like that lamp in my study room.

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