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Muista Active Chair Helps Muscle Stimulation While Sitting

Rocking your way out from boredom at work, Muista Active Chair would keep your body move. This project is about a unique rocking chair that allows you to dance, sway, and fidget while sitting, keeping your body away from prolonged inactivity. One thing for sure, Muista helps you practice balance exercise, do muscle stimulation, and offers stress relief.

Just in case you don’t know, there’s number of studies that have shown the danger of inactivity, whether you sit or stand, it is lethal to our bodies. A chair shouldn’t be just a support, it should also be an object that keep our working bodies active and healthy.

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Muista Active Chair

Muista Active Chair

Designed in two sizes, Muista can be used next to a regular desk or a height-adjustable desk. You can set a balance between rest and stimulation through micro movements, keep your body moving while working. Don’t worry, swaying, wiggling, or fidgeting keeps your mind concentrate while relaxing.

After standing for too long, you can rest your legs and entertain your core muscles, creating sense of balance. The big version is equipped with two levels of foot-rests, it offers more freedom to move and change positions. Since this version is also taller, it provides a wider swaying range for better and deeper muscle stimulation. Both Muista chair models come with two healthy interchangeable sitting positions, because both of these allow you to engage different muscles. By switching between two modes, you give one of your muscle groups a workout while leaving the others take a break until you change position.

Muista Active Chair

Each chair is stuffed with buckwheat hulls, a type of material that is suitable for a chair seat thanks to following properties: buckwheat hulls give your buttocks nice balance between comfort and exercise, the material is firm enough without being too hard to your buttocks. The same material is used for medical purposes to prevent bedsores.

Muista Active Chair

Designed with convex shape, the seat impels your spine into an optimal curve to relieve some usual strain as if you’re sitting on a chair. Just like saddle, the bench mode helps to align your body and strengthen your core. Muista Active Chair is suitable for all ages, it’s a nice tool for young and old people to stay active while sitting by maintaining and developing balance.

Muista Active Chair


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