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ModKat Litter Box: Stylish and Eco-friendly

Pet cat lovers will surely be happy with this wonderful product called the Litter Box from Modkat. It has a very stylish design that is perfect to any house design of today. It will surely not destruct your interior design because the modkat litter box itself will play part of your interior design because of its attractive design. In addition, it has a re-usable liner making this product an eco-friendly one. Aside from being re-usable, the liner also has handles for an effortless removal and cleaning, made of commercial-strength tarpaulin, meaning rip resistant and easy to clean. With the ModKat litter box, you pet cat now has their own haven.

ModKat Litter Box

ModKat Litter Box

ModKat Litter Box

ModKat Litter Box

Source: ModKat


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1 thought on “ModKat Litter Box: Stylish and Eco-friendly”

  1. It really is a wonderful invention. There is really nothing on the market that looks as good or works as well as this box. If you have a small home and nowhere to "hide" the box this is perfect. The company also re-designed the liner to work even better now. I bought an extra liner, every once-in-a-while I rotate them and clean the dirty one. Only downside is the high price…

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