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Mo:Ben Food Container By Alex Cheong

Eco-friendly designs can now be seen in almost every corner of this world. Student designer Alex Cheong has just joined the Australian Design Award with his wonderful product called the Mo:Ben, a food container negates waste because it can be re-used whenever a user wanted to. In this way, wastes disposed to our landfills will be minimized. In addition, the Mo:Ben also has an attractive and clean design making it not only an eco-friendly product, but functional as well. It has an inner container that can easily removed for easy cleaning, a non-slip rubber base so that users will be eating comfortably even when eating with one hand, and it has variety of colors to chose from.

Mo:Ben Reusable Food Container

Mo:Ben Reusable Food Container

Mo:Ben Reusable Food Container

Mo:Ben Reusable Food Container

Source: Australian Design Award


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