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Mercedes-Benz F600 with Hydrogen Fuel Cell

This new cute Mercedes-Benz has 100 fuel cell vehicles tested in various places around the world. Even though it’s 40 percent smaller, the fuel cell stack in the F600 fits under the cabin and this small car is perfect for today’s space shortage especially in cities with large buildings and malls. What’s best for this car is that it can start in cold temperature down to minus 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Another good thing about this car that when braking, the motor automatically acts as a battery charger. The MB F600 has a maximum output of 115hp and the top speed moves up to 106mph. The cars consumption of 81mpga and 248-mile range made it ideal for our current lifestyle.

mercedes benz f600 hydrogen fuel cell

mercedes benz f600 hydrogen fuel cell

via EuropeanCarWeb


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