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Maximize Your Little Space With The Maximize Your Space Planter

With the growing problem of space today, most people especially those living in the city are looking for some effective ways to maximize the little space that they have. With the help of Maximize Design who have submitted their eco-friendly work to IGreenSpot, maximizing little spaces can now be very achievable.

Maximize Your Space Planter

Maximize Your Space Planter

We at MAXIMIZE DESIGN have designed and patented a system of eco-friendly movable planters for indoor and outdoor use, called ‘MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE’.
The planters are made from 100%-recycled plastics. This gives them a very subtle, timber-like look and guarantees a very long lifespan, not to mention the low carbon footprint, as they are assembled here in Ireland as well.

The planters are fixed on hidden wheels, so that they can be moved very easily on any hard surface, while looking very heavy and stationary. This gives everyone the possibility to change their garden/ terrace/ premises layout in moments. You can move your precious plants into or out of the sun, create a cozy corner on a larger patio or separate a restaurant terrace for a private party or to open up for wheelchair access. Two castors on every planter have a stopper as well, so that they do not start moving by themselves on a sloped ground.

Our designer Maximilian Kemper came up with the design for the ‘Bloom in the Park’ garden festival in Dublin, Ireland, where he was awarded with the silver-gilt medal.

Maximize Your Space Planter

Maximize Your Space Planter


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