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Make Your Own Biodiesel At Home And Live The Green Life

Biodiesel is a renewable source of energy and only a few knows about it still. Designer Ben Guthrie had made a step to introduce Biodiesel to people who want to help save the environment without compromising the comfort that they currently enjoy with life. They can still continue to drive their cars at a lesser cost and carbon emission and help keep the environment safe and clean. However, the Biodiesel machine available in the market today is expensive and the DIY on the other hand is messy. Unlike what designer Ben Guthrie has presented, it will allow green minded people to make their own biodiesel and live the eco-friendly life, without overspending and less mess.




Via: Yanko Design


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1 thought on “Make Your Own Biodiesel At Home And Live The Green Life”

  1. This product is remarkable. How does one get this? I am from Nigeria and am very much interested in small scale biodiesel production from my home. Please here are my contact for more info about this innovation email: [email protected]. I am also on facebook. Expecting a quick response. Thanks.
    Saviour G Udofia

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