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Living The Green Life Now Enters Africa

If you think that living the green will only be possible with green architecture, furniture, fashion, jewelries, and more, you are wrong. Afri Go Green will show you the real green living through their one of a kind sustainable and responsible tourism that features numerous green practices that will make each traveler’s stay in Africa a remarkable one whilst keeping the environment safe at the same time.

Visit Tanzania now and experience a green yet comfortable and luxurious stay on their many tranquil and hospitable guesthouses that will let your experience their ancient cultures yet modern accommodations.

Why they became green, you might ask. The team makes sure that part of their tourism income will go to those who owned the land and natural resources used for the tourism as well as those who have exerted their efforts in making their tourism a successful one.

The green feature of the group include a free workshop and seminars on environmental issues to their visitors, lunch boxes are served with reusable cutlery, plates, and cups included. Most importantly, Afri Go Green is a paper free office. Manuals are laminated to make sure that they will last for years.

Afri Go Green

Afri Go Green


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