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Keep Your Property Safe While Keeping The Environment Safe With The Concept SL-100 LED Solar Security Light

Lights with motion detector like the Concept SL-100 LED Solar Security Light are just a few of the many security tools that we want to have to protect our properties and of course our lives. However, this particular device will not only protect our properties and lives but also the environment. Do be fooled by its name, this product is actually exist and not just concept.

As its name suggests, the light uses LED lighting technology, which is considered as an energy saving lighting solution. In addition to the LED lighting technology, the SL-100 security light also make use the endless energy supply of the sun, because it is Solar powered.

The light is effective enough in keeping your house bright with its 32 wide-angle LEDs and 190 ft range. Surely, this light will last long because it is designed and engineered for outdoor use. Presumably, it can withstand all types of weather. Being a solar powered light, the light will keep your worry free when talking about your electricity bill. Other than that, the SL-100 LED solar security light also required no electrical wiring. [Click here for more info about the Concept SL-100 LED Solar Security Light]

Concept SL-100 LED Solar Security Light

Concept SL-100 LED Solar Security Light

Sleep tight all night, worry-free because the light can operate up to 10 hours if fully charged. Collecting solar energy for this lighting system are the 2W Amorphous Solar Panels. As the solar panels collect sunlight, the energy it collected will then be stored in a 4V 4.5AH Lead Acid Battery, which then powers the 32 super bright LED lights.

The wireless feature of the light made it a perfect lighting solution for remote places as well as to hard to light areas. The motion sensor will turn the light on. The light will turn off in accordance to the defined timer setting of the user.

If you have areas at home that are hard to light or just want to save on energy as well as money on your security lighting system, buying a Concept SL-100 LED Solar Security Light is definitely your perfect bet. [Click here for more info about the Concept SL-100 LED Solar Security Light]


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