Kahuna: The Perfect Shelter For Post-Disaster Situation

Every corner of this world is experiencing various disasters a year, thus the problem of temporary shelter to those affected families is increasing. Because of this kind of problem that occurred every year, the Kahuta is designed back in 2007: a transitional housing is designed intentionally for post-disaster situations. The Kahuta is inflatable, easy to use and quick to install and presumably needs not any machines to complete, thus produces zero carbon emission. In addition, this temporary shelter can also be easily transported from one place to another. The Kahuta can also be setup alone or with any other Kahutas to create a community. You will surely be safe with the Kahuta because it is covered with a double thick felt.

Kahuta Temporary Shelter

Kahuta Temporary Shelter

Kahuta Temporary Shelter

Kahuta Temporary Shelter

Source: Lecole de Design via The Design Blog

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