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In-Habit by Todd Kramer

A shelter for survival is very important during a disaster. However, sheltering survivors is not just enough. Disasters happen maybe because of the nature’s revenge of being abused by people. It is now time to give back to our nature and create an eco-friendly survival shelter. The In-Habit is a perfect example of what I am talking about that represents a next phase of disaster relief shelters. It might be inspired by structural forms of the past; it utilizes new materials and technologies that are ideal for disaster relief. In-Habit is manufactures from recycled plastic bottles, and has Photovoltaics (OPV) that absorbs and store solar energy that are then transferred to OLEDS for electricity lighting use at night.

In-Habit Relief Shelter

In-Habit Relief Shelter

In-Habit Relief Shelter

In-Habit Relief Shelter

Source: Design21

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