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ICO Recycled Cardboard Baskets For A Cleaner And Safer Environment

Recycling is now an act of someone who wants to do their share in keeping the environment safe and clean and they produce various products just like the ICO Recycled Cardboard Baskets from Vitrine. Cardboard are normally used for packaging like appliances, household items and more. After unpacking the purchased items, cardboard are tossed off to the curbside for disposal. This obviously increases waste and eventually landfill.

ICO Recycled Cardboard Baskets
ICO Recycled Cardboard Baskets

The ICO Recycled Cardboard Basket is made of recycled cardboard that comes with a geometric shape and has 20 sides making it a stylish and catchy one. Painted with yellow, the ICO Recycled Cardboard Basket will not only keep your environment clean and safe but also it adds to the artistic look of your home.

ICO Recycled Cardboard Baskets
ICO Recycled Cardboard Baskets
ICO Recycled Cardboard Basket


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