Hydrofill Fuel Cell: Provides Green Energy To Small Gadgets

If you think that living green would mean living the old way, then you must think again. The Hydrofill Fuel Cell is a product from Singaporean company Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies that has the ability to charge electronic gadgets at CES 2010. This eco-friendly device extracts the hydrogen from water and stores it in special cartridges that can fit perfectly into a pocket sized mini pack. Gadgets like IPods, cameras, rechargeable batteries and GPS can be charged using a USB port. Aside from the use of hydrogen, the process of turning water into hydrogen is another green feature of this product as it only produces clean and harmless water vapor.

Hydrofill Fuel Cell

Hydrofill Fuel Cell

Hydrofill Fuel Cell

Hydrofill Fuel Cell

Hydrofill Fuel Cell

Source: Horizon via Designboom


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  • Regarding the “Hydrofill Fuel Cell”, how do I purchase this item or find out more about it?

  • The possibilities of green energy application are endless. I am so excited about the future.

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