Human Wear: An Eco-friendly Apparel For All Ages

Being eco-friendly nowadays can already be possible even if you choose to live the modern and fashionable life with the birth of Human Wear, an eco-friendly apparel for eco-friendly people of all ages.

From Human Wear:

Why our products are green:
Humanwear only works with vendors that employ fair labor standards and environmentally responsible practices

100% certified organic cotton*
made from cotton grown without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers that seep into the soil and groundwater

recycled polyester
polyester manufactured from recycled bottles

the rayon used comes from plant cellulose, a sustainable source of raw materials

low-impact fabric dyes
dyes that do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances

water-based inks
inks free of PVC’s (polyvinyl chloride) which release harmful dioxins dangerous to our health and environment

eco-conscious gift packaging
gift wrap made from 100% de-inked recycled paper & printed w/soy-based inks; gift card made from 100% recycled bags

environmentally friendly labeling
100% recycled kraft paper hangtags, natural hemp twine, U.S. made safety pins

Human Wear

Human Wear

Human Wear

Human Wear

Human Wear

Human Wear

Human Wear

Source: Human Wear


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  1. Great finds! Make sure to check out for eco-friendly clothing for men and women that is made sweatshop free. Proceeds also go to areas in need of sustainability projects!

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