Herringbone Picnic Blanket with Faux Wool Upper and Waterproof Backing

What a beautiful picnic blanket! Herringbone Picnic Blanket is a perfect companion when you just want to take a time out of your busy lives and spend some time in the park with your loved ones. Picnic is a simple activity yet it can bring a lot of good memories, it’s the time and place where you can reconnect with your family or friends, relaxing, laughing, and eating. It’s a way to celebrate happiness in your life.

This picnic blanket features soft faux wool upper for comfort and good insulation with 100% waterproof oxford polyester backing to keep you dry. [Click Here to get more details of this handsome picnic blanket]

Herringbone Picnic Blanket

Herringbone Picnic Blanket is pretty thick yet soft, it comes in a compact shape thanks to its faux leather harnessing straps. You can easily carry this blanket just like a little bag. Your bum would be happy sitting on this blanket, the waterproof backing protects your from elements. Measuring at just 16”x8” when rolled up but you’ll get to enjoy a nice 78”x59” area when flat. Photographers also use it for photoshoots, the blanket feels great, that faux wool isn’t itchy while the nylon bottom makes it easy to clean. [Click Here to get order information of Herringbone Picnic Blanket]

Herringbone Picnic Blanket

Herringbone Picnic Blanket

Herringbone Picnic Blanket

Herringbone Picnic Blanket

From : Komorebi Collection

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