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Handcrafted “Protect the Earth” Mugs with Subtle Variations and Unique Characteristics

Keep yourself caffeinated with this beautiful “Protect the Earth” coffee mug. Handcrafted by JoAnn Stratakos, each mug will be unique and vary. We need to mention that this mug project has a special mission, for each purchase, $5 will go to Open Space Institute, a non-profit organization that supports land conservation for clean drinking water. The design of this mug features beautiful nature, it’s colorful with soft tone colors, it’s a like a beautiful nature painting that helps you appreciate our planet even more. This coffee mug is also a great gift for your tree-hugging friends who love nature. [Click Here to get more details of these handmade coffee mug]

Handcrafted 'Protect the Earth' Mugs Provide Subtle Variations and Unique Characteristics


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