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Halcyon Concept Car By Ralph Tayler-Webb

Eco-friendly cars are now popping out in the market like mushroom. Some of them looks like the real cars, while most of them has futuristic design like the Halcyon Concept Car by Ralph Tayler-Webb. As the name suggests, this eco friendly concept car has reduced air drag through its aerodynamic structure covered wheels and tapering teardrop cabin. Made from aluminum foam, the Hacyon’s structure is based on the owl’s hollow bones that made the car light. The foam on the other hand made the Halcyon’s passenger safe during travel. In addition, the covered wheels, made this eco-car’s travel peaceful and quite.

Halcyon Concept Car

Halcyon Concept Car

Halcyon Concept Car

Halcyon Concept Car

Source: Ralph Tayler-Webb via Designboom


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  1. It looks like it could be a new design for a computer mouse. Not very practical for a car because you would be bottoming out everywhere you drove.

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