Green Summer Style : Noon Solar Bags

A cool and eco friendly back to school bags are perfect for those who want to help save the earth without compromising of being hip. The Noon Solar is an stylish photovoltaic solar powered bags. Tailored with creative design, I am sure this bag will surely hit the market especially those people who are earth friendly and wants to share on the eco awareness programs we have at present. So why use those bags that do nothing to our community? Go for the eco friendly one by using the Noon Solar bags. Look good and do good at the same time. Isn’t it a good feeling to do good without sacrificing your desire of getting hip.

noon solar bag

noon solar bag

noon solar bag

noon solar bag

Source : NoonSolar via Inhabitat


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3 thoughts on “Green Summer Style : Noon Solar Bags”

  1. If it’s solar powered, to what does it store the power for? In other words, whats the stored energy for? it wasn’t explained in your post here.

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