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Get Stylish Lamps Without Harming Your Surroundings With The Spring Lamp

Stylish Lamps without harming the surroundings sounds too good to be true, as stylish designs normally contribute some amount to carbon emission. However, the Spring Lamp is a stylish lamp that at the same time is not harmful to the environment. From the inspirations to the materials used, the Spring Lamp is a certified eco-friendly product.

The Sprig lamp design is inspired by the fresh growth of plants. A single Sprig lamp makes a pendant light, while multiple Sprig lamps combined build a floor lamp or a chandelier. Sprig is made of recycled plastic, and the lighting source is a standard compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). The CFL is replaced by unscrewing a lamp arm end cap to access the bulb. For joining two Sprig lamps together, an accessory package provides one threaded sleeve and a clip-on electrical cord, plug, and screw-in outlet.

Spring Pendant Lamp

Spring Pendant Lamp

Spring Pendant Lamp

Spring Pendant Lamp

Spring Pendant Lamp

Source: Victor Vetterlein

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