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Future French Solar Powered Car Concept for 2030

Car designs of the future are really getting sleeker and greener in concept. The solar powered van will be perfect for you and your family or eve the pope will have a perfect ride with this future car. The 2030 car is a four-seater solar powered car with green windows for more visibility and sleek sliding doors. It also has a cylindrical add-on that can be fixed to the rear of the vehicle for extra seating to accommodate more. The 2030 car’s design is extremely futuristic, wherein people of today’s generation might look the car’s design weird. Well this is how we feel for today, but when 2030 comes, for sure this car will be one of the hottest car down the street.

french future car concept

french future car concept

french future car concept

french future car concept

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8 thoughts on “Future French Solar Powered Car Concept for 2030”

  1. Do you mean that the art of drawing won’t be in effect anymore?
    So much taxes and not even my dog will be able to take off the land? If people only knew that the cars that are going to be offered to them 20 years from now ore nothing more than the elevators that they are riding on today, they would not ride to work 0ne more day. Try to ride to work six hrs a day during twenty years and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
    Do me a favor go back to your drawing board and make believe that you care! Now that we can get on with solar power, Please start making weightless cars with small but powerful turbines. By computers Perfectly controlled and absolutly Safe.
    We can also make globe Cars with inflaters and deflaters also controlled by an electronic brain.
    Just imagine, with Flying cars, We could really control all the cars of New York City. We would own the ways, the speed, the traveling hight, we could even tell when the car is overweight!. I believe that it is easier to fly 10,000,000 men either way on Broadway, than it is to fit, with all their shit, 2,000,000 horse carrages in all the avenues that we have made in Manhattan.
    Please, take that bandage off your face. Countless ideas are growing as we speak and there will be a person, one day, whom will be willing to sacrifice a great number of people just to proof his plan for total control of the transport. Please don’t let us die. Everything start small. Has it stared yet? YES! We need to start working on that man’s plan so that his efforts can carry no judgements against us.
    Men most fly: 1st for curiosity, 2nd for the need of doing so, and 3rd for pleasure. As cities grow,there will be a call for more and more control. Cars will fly. And I will tell you That if birds would have known
    that so many men were going to die trying to fly, they would have learn the language and told them how. Don’t let us die!
    I’m sorry but I don’t like your idea of a 2030 year car.

  2. hi i am looking for buisness but im not just enterested in the future cars so if you e-mail me with a valid address so i could letter you and tell you details see i have an organization that wants to make the world a better place with sky scrapeing buildings flying cars and the newest technology i have some ideas that i know you could you just let me know an update on your decision and i promise you wnt regret it

  3. Nice try, a bit over the top for 650km/h travel so not that smart. Imagine a bit of steamling and you’d be getting closer.

    “Angstromega unit” total drive concept is two stage vertical and horizontal the wheel is the same height as it is wide, size is arbitrary. Still based on a four wheel concept although duel close proximity single wheel design is also possible making a three wheeled design a valid alternative.

    For body construction Imagine a skin ( exoskeleton ) capable of transforming a triangular slivers base. presently covering all the non-structural parts of the vehicle

    All electro magnetically operated

    urban travel as is the present mode of travel possible and enhancements to be maglev capable with onramp off ramps such as motorways are today, exceeding speeds of 600km/h between entrance/exits.

    low weight means lighter construction for the new concepts super highways, ( well I think your on the right track with the weight wise )

  4. This may not be as accurate, because I did not read the article. I found the picture on google images. This seems to be extremely dangerous. That appears to be glass, making a collision… um, let’s just say bad. Sitting in the back also looks dangerous. What if the slammed on the brakes? In picture 2, if the car suddenly stopped, the passengers sitting up- top would fly and hit the others, because there appears to be no seat-belts. This does not seem like a great car to be driving in the future. This is worse that the smart- car.

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