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Flow Kitchen By Studio Gorm

Minimizing our wastes and maximizing sustainability is what the Flow Kitchen by Studio Gorm is all about. Currently presented in an exhibition titled Call + Response at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Oregon, the Flow Kitchen conserves energy and cooking wastes are recycled to grow and fertilize plants. Like a typical kitchen, the Flow Kitchen works like a natural kitchen whilst utilizing energy, waste, water, and other natural resources efficiently. Drying dishes from a hanging vertical storage rack drip the water onto the herbs and edible plants below. Its double walled terracotta container serves as the refrigerator by keeping the inside cook as the water evaporate through the outer wall. Worms in a composter break down food wastes and the product produced serves as the fertilizer for the herbs.

In addition, the eco-friendly kitchen also features storage jars that are made from unglazed earthenware, dish and utensil drawers for your plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and other tableware. It also has a bag rack and a gas stovetop.

Flow Kitchen

Flow Kitchen

Flow Kitchen

Flow Kitchen

Source: Studio Gorm via Inhabitat


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