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Flat Bench By Andrew Bennett Dickson

When it comes to eco friendly designs, designers are always at their best to come up with the most functional, stylish and of course the ones that make the most out of the resources around us. Designer Bennett Dickson seems to be one of the green designers we have at present. His eco flat bench for Acronym Designs is not only stylish and useful, but also it has a top seat that is made or reclaimed wood, which made this wonderful and functional bench an eco friendly one. Its base comes in either stainless steel or in rough finished concrete.

Flat Bench

Flat Bench

Flat Bench

Source: Acronym Designs via Designspotter


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1 thought on “Flat Bench By Andrew Bennett Dickson”

  1. I would not buy anything from this family. Andrew and Jennifer's house company, Acre Designs, ran out of money and instead of face their customers, contractors, and suppliers, they left unfinished houses and people with deposits paid for nothing. They left California without a word. How can they do this and not face jail time? Many of their customers were fire victims and these poor people were left with half-built homes and hundreds of thousands of dollars already paid for work not done. These people can't run a company and just need to work a job for someone else. They should have at least declared their company bankrupt so any assets could have been split. Terrible business people. Terrible people?

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