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Flameless LED Candles For A Safer Lighting Solution

Candles, especially those scented ones rejuvenate but the Flameless LED Candles are not just your ordinary candles but also your eco-friendly candles. Obviously, this innovative candle produces zero carbon emission as it produces no flame at all. You might wonder how it works when it does not produce flame since fires always do have flames. These candles use LED lighting technology to produce realistic light. [Click here to find more information about Flameless LED Candles]

Flameless LED Candles

Flameless LED Candles

With its features, these candles are perfect to become one of your decorative indoor lanterns. Place it along with your other home decors and display or have it on your high shelves. If you think it would be hard for you to turn the candles on and off if placed on high shelves, you can turn the candles on and off easily with the help of your remote control allowing you to have control over the candles even when they are place on hard to reach areas. Included in the set are 7 candles in four different sizes. For you to enjoy a realistic candle like lights, the LED candle set has patented wick and candle flicker.

Another eco-friendly feature of the candles is the use of LED lighting technology. We all know that, LED consumes less energy than traditional lighting systems. When you purchase your first set of Flameless LED Candles, it already includes 14 Duracell AA alkaline batteries and 1-3V lithium coin battery. [Click here order Flameless LED Candles with special price]


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