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Enjoy Summer With An Eco-Friendly Surfboard

Summer is here to come and celebrating it in an eco-friendly way with the help of the stylish and fashionable surfboards from Grain Surfboards. All of the surfboards from Grain are handmade and made from locally harvested and sustainable wood products. The company is also into reducing and reusing waste materials and leftovers and has continuously developing various eco-friendly techniques and the use of greener materials. In addition, the surfboards from Grain are very stylish and I find it sturdy enough for the big waves of the summer. Glad that there are companies like Grain for everybody can now enjoy summer with an eco-friendly surfboard.

Grain Surfboard

Grain Surfboard

Grain Surfboard

Source: Grain Surfboards


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  1. A great custom surfboard shaper from Huntington Beach is a guy named Chris Carrozza. I dont think he is originally from HB but he shapes there now and I have heard great things about his boards.

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