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Economically Print Your Documents with the RITTI Coffee Printer

Printers can now be called as our partner in life. Printing with green concept has now made possible by the RITTI Coffee Printer. In this way, instead of discarding your morning coffee grounds, you can now use it in printing your documents, by turning it into a sustainable sour of your RITTI printer as ink. Winner of Greener Gadget Design Competition Jeon Hwan Ju is the ones designing the RITTI coffee printer. Core77 and Inhabitat are the ones hosting the Competition. However, if you are not a coffee lover or drinker, you don’t need to worry for it will work out fine not only on coffee but also with tea.

RITI Coffee Printer

RITI Coffee Printer

RITI Coffee Printer

Source: Inhabitat


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  1. Hi i will be interesed in buying a Ritti Printer. Could u send me a website where I can buy it. I really think it’s a good invention.

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