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Eco-Table From The Weld House

We all know that recycling is a good way of saving our environment from harm brought by landfills, pollution and more. The Weld House shows us how we can save the environment from the possible harm brought by those old cars’ hood. The said company has created a nice and hip table made from those recycled hood. If you are a lover of metal furniture, then this is the perfect piece for you. The eco-tables from the Weld House are available for purchase with prices starts at a whopping $750. This can be a little bit pricey, but you will never be sorry for the product. Stylish and eco-friendly.

Recycled Car Hood Table

Recycled Car Hood Table

Recycled Car Hood Table

Recycled Car Hood Table

Source: The Weld House via Great Green Goods


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2 thoughts on “Eco-Table From The Weld House”

  1. The Weld House promised but failed to return my deposit after it sold my table to another client. Visit The Squeaky Wheel to view my complaint. I ask The Weld House to donate all or a portion of the deposit to green charities. They refuse the offer.

  2. Project Date: October 2012
    Project Price: $1,000-$9,999
    I placed a deposit for a custom desk and coffee table in July, 2012. I based my October delivery date on his lead time so I would have this furniture available for move in at a new house I was building. October passed and my the majority of my voice mails and emails were not returned. Several weeks passed before I received an update.

    The number of missed commitments are difficult to imagine. I finally took delivery in late December, 5 months after placing the order. In addition, I was promised 8 Weld House custom coasters (in contract) and artwork (not in contract) after so many delivery commitments had been missed. I have not received any thing to date and the last email I received from The Weld House was 1/8/13.

    While the end product is unique, The Weld House is a very small operation and would strongly discourage anyone from engaging due the extremely poor (perhaps worst) customer service I have ever received

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