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Eco Electric Gadget Teaches About Water Conservation

Eco-electric is a new product that will teach us about water conservation and will educate us on how to use the resources that are just around us without spending even a single centavo. The eco-electric has a turbine pod that semi filters and generates electricity from a grey water that exits the house. This product is composed of four major parts like the sensors, interface turbine pod and compost unit. The most exciting part of this product is that this is free and works in conjunction with government based carbon emission device. I just hope that this product will soon be available in our place even for a fee.

eco electric

eco electric

The interface displays water consumption per hour and indicates to users if they have consumed too much, intermediate or the right amount of water. Information on the interface is educational for children. Philosophy of the Eco-electric is to promote sustainable practices. It generates its own power therefore reducing fossil fuel consumption. It relays generated power back into the main grid therefore reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Interface, sensor and compost unit require no fasteners thus reducing cost and saving time of assembly and disassembly. Interface has built in allowance for physical as well as software upgrade thus extending the life of the product and reducing waste.

eco electric

eco electric


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