DCT 180: The New Generation Plotter

We have heard the word new generation so much and this automatically means modern and probably a contributor to global warming. Well, this is not the case for DCT 180. DCT 180 is hailed to be the new generation plotter but definitely not a contributor to global warming. You might ask why. The reason behind …

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Furniture Music Outdoors Recycle

Bar2: An Eco-friendly Table Design

Leftover woods normally are discarded, destined to our landfill, or tossed into fire. These acts are obviously not favorable to the environment. Everybody knows it, especially with the widespread call of fighting global warming. Designer Eveline Pieters in collaboration with Jeroen Verschuren has created the Br2 Table, a foldable sustainable table that can be used …

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Zerotracer: An All-Electric Motorcycle

Zero carbon emission is almost everybody’s concern with the aim to help save the environment. The Zerotraver is just one of those products that designed to combat global warming. The Zerotracer is fully enclosed for the rider’s safety, all-electric for zero emission, and has the ability to run 450km or 280miles on a single charge. …

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