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CompostAll by Frog Design

Composting our own trashes can be the best move in contributing to save the earth. US designer Frog Design has created the CompostAll to help us do the composting the easier way. It work like a standard garbage disposal however it save muched food waste in a removable container under your sink. You do not have to worry of the odor because CompostAll is providing a convenient, discreet and odor-free location for your food waste. With the waste being mulched already, the composting process has already been started right there and then. In addition, it has an alert light on the sinktop power button to signal the user by the time that the container is full.




Source: Core77


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2 thoughts on “CompostAll by Frog Design”

  1. Very cool concept. Are they available for purchase yet? I am interested in one for a commercial kitchen. Cities could give rebates, for folks to install these things instead of garbage disposals (wastewater treatment plants must remove all the garbage that we put down our drains. It all goes downstream. Not to mention the food for rats this solid waste provides)

  2. Allan,
    Agree with you completely the drainage system cannot cope with the increased demand.
    A viable solution needs to be found very soon.
    I have contacted the design company to establish if the concept was ever manufactured.
    Maybe the type application could be used for both commercial and domestic.
    Please let me know of any ideas for solving this problem.
    Thank You
    Andrew Wood

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