Cellophane Eco Friendly House with Ability to Grow and Shrink

Self-sustainability and green is now the most common concept every designer has in their minds. Various green and eco-friendly products are now coming out in the market; many of our fellowmen are now enjoying the benefits of living green and saving large amount of energy consumption. Joining the green loving people are the designers of Kieran Timberlake Associate. They have designed the Cellophane House – a prefabricated home created for the masses. The cellophane house can be built in amazingly 16 days and has a life of around 10 years. Another great feature of this house apart from the sustainable facilities is that, it can grow and shrink as families grow and shrinks as well.

cellophane house

cellophane house

Thin photovoltaic panels integrated into the house’s wall can produce enough electricity to run the house entirely off the grid. The walls also include an inner layer of solar heat and UV blocking film to let in plenty of sunlight while also keeping the heat at bay. Ventilation is achieved through a cavity in the wall which keeps the interior cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

Considering that the average lifecycle of a building is a mere 10 years, coupled with an increase in transitory habitation, KieranTimberlake integrated easy assembly and disassembly into the planning and building of the Cellophane House. The modular construction enables the house to be broken down into parts, or to be reused in another residence all together. It also means that the house can grow and shrink as families go from child-bearing to empty-nesters. Renderings indicate that the Cellophane House can serve as a single-family home, or a multi-family complex.

Staying committed to their firm’s philosophy, KierenTimberlake is continuing to research the overall performance of the Cellophane House. While prices still haven’t been determined, the prefab homes are fabricated off site to reduce construction and labor costs. KieranTimberlake hopes to roll out the house in a manner that will make it available to every homeowner.

cellophane house

Source : Kieran Timberlake via Inhabitat


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